DrayTek VigorSwitch - IP Camera Management


DrayTek’s VigorSwitch range make it easy to rapidly install and manage IP Camera networks using DrayTek IP Camera Management functionality.

IP Camera Management allows the switch to detect, configure and monitor health of any connected IP Cameras or NVR systems that are ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum) compatible.

This allows you to easily locate and manage the cameras, view camera video, and get alerts on any cameras which stop responding. Simplifying the setup and ongoing maintenance of your estate of cameras.

DrayTek IP Camera Management

View IP Camera Video

Through the VigorSwitch's web interface, you can view the video feed of connected IP cameras, select from the list or search for a specific camera. This gives you one convenient central place from which you can view video of any camera connected to the VigorSwitch.

ONVIF Camera Management - Camera Display

Camera Offline Alerts with Snapshot

Get email alerts if a camera stops responding, with a snapshot of the camera's last output to easily locate the camera. The VigorSwitch's Device Check system can monitor whether IP Cameras or NVR systems are responding by 'pinging' them.

If there's no response, the VigorSwitch can send an email alert out. In addition, with Device Check on a PoE VigorSwitch, the switch can automatically power cycle the affected camera when problems occur, resolving issues with a freezing camera without requiring manual intervention.

If a camera goes offline or port throughput is too high (which could result in lost video), the VigorSwitch can send out an Email alert with the last-seen snapshot from the camera that's stopped responding.

With Camera Snapshots, you can see what the camera last displayed, allowing you to more easily locate the affected camera and troubleshoot any problems it may have, such as a disconnected cable or water ingress.

IP Camera Management - Email Alert with Camera Snapshot

Device Management

Configure IP Camera settings such as IP address, Ports, Security & more, all controlled through the VigorSwitch interface.

It’s as simple as connecting the IP Cameras up to the VigorSwitch, enable IP Camera Discovery and then VigorSwitch will locate any ONVIF-capable IP Cameras or NVR systems on the network.

ONVIF Camera Management - Device Management

Select a device from the list to view configure any of these settings:

  • See the manufacturer & model of each device
  • Check the firmware version loaded on each IP Camera or NVR system
  • Configure the IP Camera / NVR system's IP address & DNS settings
  • Enable or disable Zero Configuration
  • Configure Time settings
  • Configure ports used for management & RTSP
  • Reboot the connected IP Camera
  • Factory Reset a device
  • Put Cameras into Groups for management

IP Camera Topology

Scan for connected IP Cameras & NVR systems for a visual network topology and you can set up Groups to manage IP Cameras & NVR across separate VLANs.

The monitoring allows you to visually locate network issues if they occur and the VigorSwitch generates a visual topology of all connected cameras and NVR systems, including cameras that connect through other switches. With this, you can easily locate and resolve port, cabling or PoE problems:

IP Camera Management