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GG EZ: EPIC.LAN x DrayTek Gaming Success 2024


EPIC.LAN x DrayTek

London, UK, April 2024 – DrayTek are proud to have supported 2024's EPIC.LAN event, in more ways than one.

Why do gamers game? While many networking professions would say that their interest in networking was ignited by their passion in gaming, few of them highlight spending any more time than necessary in deploying and configuring their network... but who can’t say they’ve tried the "we need this LAN party investigation so that we can test the performance of these networking products" excuse with their boss.

However, a tailored for networking solution is key to a successful gaming experience! DrayTek have proven they can be relied on by gaming events such as EPIC.LAN and gamers alike, read on to learn how.

EPIC.LAN is a great community event spanning over 4 days. They host a diverse range of attendees, from casual to competitive gamers with approx. 430 gamers bringing their own equipment. A much-anticipated event in the gaming community with about 600 spectators.

Eager to see DrayTek's networking solutions in action and show support for events important to the gaming community, DrayTek were not only present via their switches but were also in attendance. DrayTek Channel Account manager, Peter Convy, who manages some of DrayTek's 3000 partners in the UK exclaimed 'working with EPIC.LAN has been absolutely phenomenal.'

Event days entailed action and impact, on and off the screen. DrayTek supplied switches for the EPIC.LAN event, demonstrating their capabilities to meet the demands of a large-scale event. Overall, DrayTek supported around 1000 devices using the internet, with a peak of around 1200 to 1300 devices on the network.

EPIC.LAN identified reliability and speed as the most crucial factors of running a network. In the past they had experienced issues with reliability and felt limited on the speed they were providing, desiring to provide the best!

This year, with the support of DrayTek Networking solutions this became possible. DrayTek solutions enabled EPIC.LAN to be confident that they were delivering the best gaming experience to their customers.

Confident in DrayTek's performance, the network characteristics and performance were displayed Live on the DrayTek weather map, for all to see. The successful performance of the WAN and LAN could be noticed in play and in person.

An essential part of ensuring a great on the day experience was the use of DrayTek's ACS on the IT support desk. This allowed EPIC.LAN to monitor all switches and proactively identify issues. Additionally, also allowing the capability to perform updates too.

With DrayTek on your side, any gamer can sit back and focus on applying their skills and agility to their goals within a virtual reality, not having to be concerned with speed supplied from outside the game.

Equally epic events like EPIC.LAN can have peace of mind when it comes to their network and can focus their energy on the customers directly.

DrayTek were honoured to have successfully contributed to the backbone of such an event. EPIC.LAN technical manager, Matt Webb would recommend using DrayTek in EPIC.LAN's experience stating ‘I would recommend DrayTek. The equipment are reliable, the staff are great.' Webb also expressed 'Overall, a really good company, really good products'.

Watch below to hear directly from EPIC.LAN and DrayTek, on the day off the event, for a first-hand experience of the positive & powerful effects of using DrayTek.

About DrayTek:

DrayTek is a leading global provider of reliable and innovative networking solutions, delivering high-performance routers, switches, access points, and other networking devices to businesses and service providers worldwide. With a focus on security, performance, and user-friendly interfaces, DrayTek empowers organizations to build and maintain robust network infrastructures.

DrayTek's extensive portfolio of networking products, including routers, switches, and access points, offers advanced features and robust performance ideal for high-demand environments.

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