Switch Management


A DrayTek VigorSwitch can operate in standalone mode and be managed through its web interface or, if you need to manage and monitor the switch remotely - or have several DrayTek switches to administer – you can centrally manage and monitor them with:

Router - Switch Management

Manage a switch connected to a router and determine network topology at a glance

DrayTek VigorConnect

Manage and provision up to 100 Vigor switches and access pointes on a single site

DrayTek VigorACS

Manage and provision multiple DrayTek switches on any network, from anywhere

Central Switch Management with a DrayTek Vigor Router

Switch Hierarchy

VigorSwitch Hierarchy View

DrayTek Vigor router Central Switch Management provisions and monitors VigorSwitch switches through a DrayTek Vigor router, with profiles that can be applied to multiple switches and VLAN configuration all handled within the router.

This can simplify the setup of multiple subnets and VLANs, without needing in-depth knowledge of VLAN tagging and reduces setup time, with the time-consuming step of configuring VLANs for each port handled by the router instead.

Other key features:

  • Switch Hierarchy View - a visual overview of interconnections between DrayTek VigorSwitch switches with the devices connected to each LAN port
  • Switch Management profiles - configure schedules to enable or disable ports (including PoE) and set bandwidth limits for the ports.


Managing a VigorSwitch through VigorACS

VigorACS  dashboard

VigorACS Configuration Page for VigorSwitch

DrayTek's VigorACS central management system provides a centralised way to manage and view the status of any DrayTek Vigor router, VigorAP access point and VigorSwitch connected to the VigorACS server.

DrayTek VigorSwitch switches that support TR-069 management can be managed through DrayTek VigorACS cloud or SD-WAN variants in the same way that a DrayTek Vigor router or VigorAP access point would be managed. Through VigorACS, you can view and manage; a single VigorSwitch, all switches on a site or all switches across an entire network spanning multiple sites in one place.

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