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Access Points


We all want a powerful internet connection across our wireless devices, but sometimes this just isn’t possible with the current equipment you have in place. For whatever reason it is that your Wi-Fi signal is struggling, an access point could help to give your connection the boost it needs.

What is an Access Point?

Access points are brilliant devices in that they boost LAN capability and extend the current wireless coverage. With an access point linked, you can increase the number of users connected to the internet across your network.

How to set up an access point

The physical process of setting up an access point is straightforward, and only requires an Ethernet cable. With the cable, simply link your access point and router via the available ports at the back of each device.

Once done, your access point can connect to your local network. Whether installed inside or outside, your DrayTek access point can then be setup, configured, and managed through the accompanying mobile app.

How to set up a router as an access point

Using a router as an access point for internet signal in hard-to-reach areas is often a great way to make use of an old device, once you purchase an upgraded router model.

To do this, you’ll need to follow a few simple steps:

  1. Using an Ethernet cable, link your old access router’s WAN port to your new router’s LAN port, before using a second cable to link your old router to your computer.
  2. Following this, you’ll be able to pull up configuration settings for your old router through your computer screen. It should be straightforward to disable router functionality and enable access point functionality.
  3. Upon completion, you should treat your old router as you would a brand-new access point and connect it to your current router using an Ethernet cable.

How much do access points cost?

Each DrayTek access point is designed around a series of benefits, with each model and device varying slightly depending on application and installation. To find out which model best suits your requirements, get in touch with our dedicated team today to discuss access point cost and installation advice.

Access point features and benefits

With Power over Ethernet, and Dual-Band capability as standard across the majority of DrayTek access points, as well as VLAN and User Authentication across our entire range, enjoy reliable high-speed internet from all computers within your network. Each access point features industry standard encryption to ensure a reliable and secure connection.

Managing your access point

Each DrayTek access point is designed around straightforward management and configuration, with the Vigor Central Management System allowing you to instantly view utilisation across your network.

Which access point is best for my needs?

We have three types of access point for you to choose from, each offering increased wireless accessibility. Each category is outlined below, or, if you already know what you’re looking for, compare products directly.

Managed Wireless

Offering the capacity to establish multi-level connections and create separate guest and business networks, our managed wireless access point range makes controlling access simple. With precise and efficient handling, control through DrayTek’s own central management system.

Mesh Wireless

Efficiently handle multiple DrayTek access points at once with a mesh wireless system. Create a unified and connected network that makes working over wireless simple, even across a multi-storey business.

Outdoor Access Points

Install an outdoor access point for internet access beyond your direct working environment. Installed against an exterior wall, these models can comfortably withstand all conditions, no matter how unprotected, and are managed either remotely or locally.

DrayTek Access Point Types

WiFi Access Points
WiFi Access Points
Managed Wireless APs
Managed Wireless Access Points
Mesh WiFi Access Points
Mesh WiFi Access Points
Outdoor Access Points
Outdoor Wireless Access Points
Access Point Management
Access Point Management