Central Management
Local Management Server for DrayTek VigorSwitches and VigorAP Access Points

DrayTek's new VigorConnect is an easy to use, light-weight, single-site Central Management system for DrayTek products. Set up wireless networks in less time by provisioning your network with custom-defined profiles.

Use VigorConnect's Dashboard to keep track of network usage and easily get an overview of your whole network in one place. Create Floor Plans of VigorAP locations, aiding in wireless network layout and future maintenance, configure switch alerts, and monitor network usage.

Automate the laborious process of upgrading firmware on groups of VigorAPs and VigorSwitches. VigorConnect can upgrade firmware, with scheduling to perform these tasks outside business hours. VigorConnect reliably repeats time-consuming and repetitive management tasks such as backing up configuration files.

VigorConnect can be installed on different systems, including a local Windows or Linux PC, Raspberry Pi, or the DrayTek Vigor 3912S router. VigorConnect can discover and adopt all DrayTek VigorAP access points and VigorSwitches on your network to manage them.


VigorConnect is designed for small to large-scale local management of groups of DrayTek VigorAPs and VigorSwitches. Managing up to 100 DrayTek devices on your local network, it is available free of charge and has no yearly licensing fees.

DrayTek's VigorConnect provides a cost-effective and easy to use platform for managing a wireless network of DrayTek VigorAP access points and DrayTek VigorSwitches, whether there's a DrayTek Vigor router on that site.

Access the management console from any device with a web browser; PCs, Phones and Tablets can all use VigorConnect for checking on network usage, or performing detailed configuration and provisioning.

Install VigorConnect on a Windows PC to use that computer as your VigorConnect server, running VigorConnect's web server and storage system in the background as a Windows service.